Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I just found out that she is diagnosed with cancer.

Yesterday was just like any other day, I scrolled my Instagram in between my working hours until I feel like I was missing something.


It’s been quite some time since I saw her posted photos on her Instagram. She used to post photos of her doing OOTD, or just chilling out with her friends. Not only that, she is good in doing flatlays as well. She was one of my favourite blogger over the past 9 years.

I went into her Instagram right away. Her last post was months ago with a Quran ayah that says “I am near”. I read through the comments. Most of the comments are saying her to “be strong, stay positive” -- you know that kind of spiritual motivations. Then I went into her blog.

My confusion has been answered. Her blog basically explains her silence. Just everything about her.

I just found out that she is diagnosed with cancer.

I do not know her personally, but I met her once in 2011, I think. She is definitely the sweetest, humble and down to earth person one could ever meet. I still remember the first time when I saw her, she was in black top and pants. Basically all plain BLACK from top to bottom. Minimal makeup, yet still enhance her true beauty. I was in a “girl crush” mode and I just couldn’t help myself to say it to her:-

“Oh my God, finally I get to see you! I love your blog so much”
“Oh thank you so much. But please I am just a nobody” *laugh*

We took a picture together but too bad I didn’t keep that photo with me. 

Receiving this shocking news is just the same feeling as your best friends is having cancer. Not that I am wishing any of my friends to have one, but it is still shattering to know that even from a stranger. Life is indeed uncertain. You never know what is happening tomorrow, next week, or even next year. Just like the moment I received the news of my little brother’s friend whom just passed away due to motorcycle accident. He was just 20! Same age as my brother. I saw his photo. He seems sweet and kind, I believe he was. I do not know you kid, but you really remind me of my little brother. May Allah SWT bless your soul my dear. Inshaa Allah you will be and meet your parents in Jannah.

I heard he was the eldest in family. I just couldn’t imagine what and how his parents are going through this hard times. Allahu, I am literally sebak when typing this.

How we take our life for granted.

Cancer can just happen to anybody, you see. NO, any diseases. Be it you eat healthily or not, or you go to the gym or not. You cannot predict it. It just happens. But one thing for sure, there is a reason why there are some people who are ‘selected’ to experience this. As for Shea (yes that’s her name), she is always gonna be my inspiration since the first day I read her blog. Back then she used to be my fashion inspiration, but now she inspires me and other people on how she bears with the pain.

Too bad I only knew about this after months.

Oh Shea, how strong you are.
To the people who experience huge diseases, how Allah loves all of you so much.

For the past few weeks, I have been receiving bad news about people around me getting sick, some loss their family member, whilst some are struggling to be alive. Mashaallah, how we take our HEALTH for nothing. I am truly sad to hear that, which makes me feeling blessed and grateful in return. I am not rich, yet I have everything one could ask for. I have people around me that I love, that I cherish and treasure every day. I have my family, in-laws, and friends. I do not have many friends, but one thing for sure I have friends WHO STAYS. I am aware that I am not a good friends, yet they are STILL THERE because they sees the good in me. We forgive and forget. We pray for each other. We always remember our friends despite our commitment to our spouse and work. For that I am truly thankful.

Oh yes to my surprise, Shea was my husband’s friend back in secondary school days. They were classmates for 3 years and my husband said that her English was excellent. Okay that explains why I love her blog so much. If you are keen to know more about her, or just basically how she informed about her diseases you may click below:


Thank you Shea. I learnt alot from your blog. You taught us to be strong, to believe in Allah and put our trust to the ONE AND ONLY; Our Creator. We all belong to HIM, and to HIM we shall return. There is always a cure and it's not impossible to dream and hoping that you will be healthy again. Our prayers with you, Shea. 

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sgrmse. said...

you write well. and yes, life is so fragile. may shea rest in peace.